Xantar is consolidated as an event that creates socioeconomic value in Galicia

The Minister Rosa Quintana presided over the events of the day dedicated to the Sea, thanking that “it is focused on giving visibility to the gastronomic offer of Galicia through tourism”

Estrella Galicia celebrated today the Galician Beer Tirage Championship whose winner was Paula Isabel Balleste of the Miramar de Sada restaurant

 Ourense celebrated the day of the Sea today thanks to Xantar. One more year, the secretary Rosa Quintana, went to celebrate the day dedicated to the Sea, highlighting that events such as this fair are “fundamental to generate socioeconomic wealth for Galicia and allow us to continue advancing positions in the national market. The seafood processing and marketing industry generates 7,000 million euros in Galicia ”.

Among the activities already held on the day that Ecuador represents for Xantar 2020, the Galician Tirage Championship organized by Estrella Galicia stands out, and whose first four finishers will participate in the Spanish championship.

Paula Isabel Balleste Muñiz, from the Miramar de Sada restaurant, has won the title of Best Galician Beer Shooter. The runner-up has turned out to be Carlos Antonio Villar from Casa do Patín in Padrón. Luis Alberto de Sousa of Ernesto Patio Bar in O Carballiño and Ricardo Cela of Café Bar Lisboa in O Barco de Valdeorras have won the two accésits that allow them to also participate in the national contest that will take place at the Madrid Gourmet Show next month of March.


Today was also the day dedicated to the CIM Alto Tâmega, a supra-municipal entity that integrates the municipal chambers of Chaves, Boticas, Montalegre, Ribeira da Pena, Valpaços and Vila Pouca de Aguiar and who participate jointly to promote their gastronomic resources but also their parties and sports events. This afternoon they presented the Alto Tâmega Rally, the Montalegre World Rallycross Test and the International Apothecary Ramp; the Feira do Folar de Valpaços.

The municipal chamber of Ponte de Lima, “a vila mais antiga de Portugal”, also celebrated its dedicated day in which its mayor, Vítor Mendes, took the opportunity to invite Galicians to participate in the dozen events that the city council promotes within the campaign “In the Baixa period, Ponte de Lima in Alta” and that contribute to deseasonalizing tourism by attracting visitors throughout the year and winter.

The province of A Coruña was another of the entities with a dedicated day that they celebrated by organizing continuous exhibitions at their stand and in the Xantar classrooms taught by different hospitality schools such as Carballo or Piñeiral de Arzúa. It was also the day dedicated to the Burela council, which was celebrated with a tasting of its star product, bonito; and the Xeodestino or Ribeiro-Carballiño where the famous octopus à feira was not lacking. It was also the day dedicated to the Camino de Santiago that included a meeting of knights and ladies of the Order of the Camino de Santiago.

On this third day, workshops continued by international chefs from Chile and Peru continued, to which must be added those organized by Medio Rural on “Calidade de Galicia Experiences” or by the Consellería de Mar on products with quality marks as D.O. or the seal “pescadeRías, de onde se non?”. Among the curiosities of today, the workshop on “Zero Waste Kitchen” taught by Blogger Sebastian Simon stood out, who cooked a “rosbeef” on coffee grounds or recycled carrot juice to make mojo picón sauce. Among the tasting offered today, the offer by the Order of the Crayfish of Marin.

Xantar was also today the stage chosen for the creation of the First Tasting of Virgin Olive Oil from Galicia. About twenty professionals related to the wine sector and agricultural production were summoned to set up this club.

Wine was also one of the protagonists of this Friday with the celebration of the second part of the Wine Tasting Initiation Course organized by the Instituto Galego do Viño and the “Wine Talks” Conference on the demographic Challenge and on how food and wine It contributes to population fixation in the rural environment in which five Galician winemakers participated.

Esposende took advantage of the presence at Xantard and communication media in Spain and Portugal to present the TRANSCÁVADO BTT-GPS sports event, a unique route in Portugal that covers the entire Cávado River Valley, from its source in Montalegre to its outlet in Esposende. It will be held on October 3 and 4, 2020.

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