Xantar expands cross-border cooperation with Portugal, incorporating Castilla y León

Today was the day dedicated to the province of Zamora with the presence of the General Director of Tourism of Castilla y León. It was also the day dedicated to the province of Lugo, Viveiro, A Veiga, Esposende, Felgueiras and Vizela
Ecourense, Consellería do Mar, Condado Paradanta Restaurant and Diputación de A Coruña, winners of the Xantar 2020 Awards

Ourense, 02/02 / 2020.- The close cross-border cooperation between Galicia and Northern Portugal that has marked this edition of Xantar has been extended during the day today to the community of Castilla y León. The three regions share the same type of heritage, wine tourism and natural resources and the same constraints that their cross-border location brings them, as explained by the executive vice president of Expourense, Jorge Pumar, during his speech at today’s central act: “Xantar it contributes to the concentration of efforts by public and private entities and, under the formula of cooperation, we can present a very competitive joint destination in the Iberian Northwest and face the demographic challenge, by promoting the gastronomic tourism sector ”.

This Saturday of Xantar was the day dedicated to the province of Zamora that was attended by the president of the Provincial Deputation, Francisco José Requejo, who accompanied the Director of Tourism of Castilla y León, Estrella Torrecilla, who stressed the importance for their community to participate in the only international gastronomic tourism fair in Spain. This Saturday was also the day dedicated to the province of Lugo, which was represented by its Tourism deputy, Pilar García Porto; the Viveiro council, represented by its mayor, María Loureiro; of the council of a Veiga that had the presence of its mayor, Juan Anta. As usual, also the day dedicated to various Portuguese chambers such as the Esposende (represented by the Tourism Vereador, Sergio Manso) and Felgueiras (represented by its Mayor Nuno Fonseca), which have been participating for 6 editions uninterruptedly and with increasing presence and also that of Vizela who, after participating last year, returned this edition with twice the contracted area and scheduling more promotional activities for her destination. It was represented by its mayor Vitor Hugo Salgado.


During the central act of this Saturday, the Xantar Special Prizes were born that were born in 2014 to celebrate the granting of the Seal of the International Trade Fair of the Government of Spain. They have remained since then and serve to recognize those exhibitors who present capital gains to their participation in the fair, always offering something more or something different to visitors. The winners of this edition have been:

Best Restaurant Stand Award: Condado-Paradanta for presenting a complete and native menu and promoting a project that combines winemaking and tourism.

Award for the Best Food Stand: Consellería do Mar. For presenting a novel stand, for facilitating for the first time the presence of small companies related to seafood and for the numerous showcookings organized with prestigious Galician chefs and promoting the products of quality of the Galician sea.

Award for the Best Promotional Action in the field of tourism: Provincial Deputation of A Coruña, for promoting the participation of its councils, organizing numerous activities that promoted local products and supporting the various hospitality schools.

Award for the Best Activity related to health and the Environment: Ecourense, for promoting the recycling of oils and for promoting the use of cooking through the “Zero Waste” workshop.

During this day, the prizes of the X Contest of the Gastronomic Festival Posters of Galicia and Portugal were also presented. The first prize went to the Entroido of Xinzo de Limia; the second for The Sabores do Mar de Esposende Campaign and the third for the Festa do Viño de Amandi de Sober.


Among the activities that took place on this fourth day of Xantar, the showccoking given by Betina Montagne, pastry teacher and jury of the television program “Bake off”, who taught the secrets to create the authentic American “dough cookies”, stood out. The popular Austrian-Portuguese chef Thomas Egger who represented Tabuaço also participated today. Arousa Norte also chose today to organize a showcooking about their native products.

Among the tastings offered today, the one from the Viveiro council stood out, which presented various dishes made with Hake from Celeiro and took the opportunity to announce the Hake Festival, of Tourist Interest in Galicia and to be held on July 18, 2020. Its Holy Week, Of International Tourist Interest, it was promoted through the Pan de los Apóstoles, a typical Easter dessert in Viveiro. A Cañiza was another of the municipalities that offered this Saturday to promote their popular ham and wines.

Tomorrow will be the closing day of this edition in which 298 exhibitors from 9 countries present the latest innovations in indigenous, quality, certified and ecological products.

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