How can you participate?

There are several ways to participate in the fair as an exhibitor:

  • With a restaurant: There are 15 full equipped restaurants in Xantar, where the visitors can enjoy the menus proposed by them. (Price list soon).


  • With a booth: Xantar is a good way to promote gastronomic fairs, touristic and cultural resources, to attract new visitors by tourism offices and municipalities. Other companies from the touristic and gastronomic sectors can also promote their products and services. (Price list soon).


  • As a Collaborator: The collaborators have their own page in the Book of Xantar, and they have a special place in the promotional material of the fair (flyers, posters, website,… (Price list soon).


  • As a Partner: Each partner of Xantar will have a until 30 m² free area in the fair. They will also be published in the advertising, in the social networks and in all the promotional material edited. (Price list soon).


  • Advertising in the Book of Xantar: They can put an advertisement in the book, that has a great distribution among the visitors, and it is published in the website of the fair. (Price list soon).


  • Participating in the Tunnel of Wine and Liquors of Galicia: This area has the aim of promoting the wines and spirits of Galicia, and spread their Galician native characteristics. (Price list soon)


  • Participar en el Túnel del Queso. This is a good area to that visitors can know the kinds of cheeses from Spain and Portugal, their characteristics and traceability. (Price list soon).


  • Promoción en PUBLIPANEL LED: It consists of a dynamic advertising in a big screen (8.32 x 4.48 meters), place in a wall of the pavilion. Hundreds of people will see the advertising each day. (Price list soon).

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact Xantar Sales Department +00 34 988 36 60 30  info@xantar.org

Reasons to participate in Xantar


Economic and social dynamization in the rural environment through eno-gastronomy and tourism


To contact with new clients and set fidelity strategies


To promote competitiveness in the restaurant business


To promote new quality agricultural, framing and fishing products


To get access to more than 100 mass media


To get access to professional visitors, who attend the complete program of activities af the fair


To add visibility to your company, increasing the possibilities of business contacts


To promote international cooperation and collaboration among different public and private entities, creating touristic and gastronomic sustainable networks, all round the world

Are you interested in participating in Xantar?

Contact us to advise you on the best way.

Xantar is the only International Gastronomic Tourism Fair. With a history of 21 years putting value on quality agri-food products, elaboration and professional service, it has become a benchmark for the most leading food and wine destinations, both in Spain and Portugal.

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