Xantar Awards


The 22nd edition of Xantar is the 8th one with the stamp of “International Trade Fair”. With this reference point, Xantar call for the Xantar Awards 2021, with the aim to recognize the professional and business proposals that promote the gastronomic and touristic sectors, which play a special role in the socio-economic development of society.

These awards value innovation, recognizing the work of professionals and companies who work hard in the restaurant and tourism sectors, making better their competitiveness in the global market.

There are four categories:

  • Best Restaurant.
  • Best food booth.
  • Best touristic promotional action.
  • Best action related to health and environment.


To qualify for the aforementioned prizes, two different assumptions are recognized:

  • To participate in the categories of Best restaurant and Best food booth: companies and professionals represented in the exhibition area of the fair.
  • To participate in the categories of Best touristic promotional action and Best action related to health and environment: companies and professionals who participate in the fair as exhibitors, sponsors, partners or collaborators.

Selection of candidates

The staff of Xantar will be who select and propose the candidates to get the prizes in each category.

It must be three candidates in each category, at least, to give each prize.



The jury will decide the award in each category, and will be composed of several members of the Advisory Committee of Xantar, and representatives of the entities of the Board of Expourense.

All the members of the jury will have full membership, except the secretary (who will be the Secretary of Expourense).

The jury will have the right to declare void a category, because no candidate got the level enough.

There will not be possible a appeal to the decision or the jury.


Proposal and valuation of the candidates: 2021 November 3rd to 7th 


The prizewinners will receive a diploma and a figure designed to these awards, symbolizing the recognizing of their professional work into the fair. These awards will be given in the institutional act on Saturday.

Evaluation Criteria

The jury will take into account the following aspects of the candidates:

Best restaurant

1- Equipment and decoration of the restaurant.

2- Quality, presentation and satisfaction of the menus offered.

3- Service to the clients.

Best food booth

1- Creative effort to get an attractive exposition booth.

2- Characteristics and presentation of the products.

3- Tastings and other activities made in the booth, during the fair.

Best touristic promotional action

1- Innovation and repercussion of the promotion presented.

2- Level of the implication of the promotional action in the fair.

3- Complementary activities and actions made during the fair.

Best action related to health and environment.

1- Innovation and distinction of the proposal.

2- Contribution to the highlight the importance of the XVI International Meeting about Healthy and Sustainable Gastronomy.

3- Interest and implication of the public and the mass media in the activity.


There will also be considered the international projection and importance (if it is possible), in the four categories.




Xantar Awards 2020

Award to the Best restaurant: Condado-Paradanta.

Award to the Best food booth: Consellería do Mar.

Award to the Best touristic promotional action: Diputación Provincial de A Coruña.

Award to the Best action related to health and environment: Ecourense.


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