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In each edition of Xantar, a book / magazine of approximately 100 pages is published that aims to be a complete guide to everything the visitor can find in the show (list of exhibitors, show plan, menus, program of activities, program of International Meeting) of Healthy and Sustainable Gastronomy, guest country, etc.)

In addition to presenting the information of the fair, this publication includes news from the tourist-gastronomic sector of all the Autonomous Communities and invited countries of Galicia, Portugal, participants.

Therefore, all the institutions, entities or companies that wish to promote their actions in the field of tourism, gastronomy, restaurant services, equipment, etc. they are included in the Xantar book.

Xantar 2020 Book

96 pages with all the information from the 21st edition of Xantar, International Gastronomic Tourism Fair.

Xantar Magazine 2020

General Data:

  • 12.000 m2 Exhibition data
  • 298 Exhibitors
  • 15 Restaurants and 22
  • More then 24.000 Visitors in last edition

You can check el Xantar Magazine 2020.

Past Editions:

Xantar Magazine 2019

Xantar Magazine 2018

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Xantar is the only International Gastronomic Tourism Fair. With a history of 21 years putting value on quality agri-food products, elaboration and professional service, it has become a benchmark for the most leading food and wine destinations, both in Spain and Portugal.

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